DIMA PhD School presents

1st Math Young Researchers Meeting

Genova, 08/11/2019

Young researchers from all areas of mathematics gathering together

The MYR Meeting is open to both students and young researchers in mathematics. This event aims at organizing fruitful exchange between young scientists and giving them the opportunity to expose their research, while providing the audience with an overview on current research topics.

Plenary Session · During the morning we invite you to join us for the plenary talks held by two renown international speakers.

Workshop · The afternoon is dedicated to the contributed talks by the young researchers. Four parallel sessions will cover the following macro areas of mathematics

  • Session 1 (Contact - Lisa Seccia): Algebraic Number Theory, Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
  • Session 2 (Contact - Francesca Bartolucci): Real and Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Analytic Number Theory, Optimization
  • Session 3 (Contact - Tommaso Sorgente): Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics
  • Session 4 (Contact - João Braga Vasconcellos): Quantum Physics, General Relativity, Information Theory

We kindly invite you to register in advance on the dedicated page. If you wish to present your work during the workshop, even if it is not on the above list, get in touch with any of the referents above by the 8th of October. For any further information feel free to email Nicolò Ginatta.

Plenary Speakers

Umberto Zannier

Scuola Normale di Pisa.

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Frédéric Patras

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

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This meeting is organized with the support of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Genova (DIMA) and the graduate school of DIMA by:

  • Alessandro Fazzari
  • João Braga Vasconcellos
  • Nicolò Ginatta
  • Elisa Biagioli